Lace care 101

When it comes to shopping lace underwear for men, you have all the options in terms of brands, fabrics, cuts, and designs within your reach. This is because we all love lace and the men’s underwear styles designed by popular brands with the respective fabric are worth all the attention right there where you need it to be.

Secret Male Slip Bikini

But, lace being a delicate fabric needs a lot of care to survive your hectic schedules and your regular routine. It’s tempting to let everything is washed and dried together, but that can lead to some washing machine disasters. Therefore, we came up with some extra tips on keeping your designer underwear looking new and fresh.

Washing Machine

The moment you pick out your newly bought lace, the very first thing to keep into account is that you pay attention to what you see on the tiny piece of fabric attached on the sides. These tags are your go-to guidelines of how you should keep your fabric safer and softer. Lace underwear may specifically instruct not to machine-wash or tumble-dry.

You might have seen a laundry bag that carries all your dirty clothes, but have you purchased one for your intimate wear? You should have one for yourself that carries only the unmentionables. They are delicate and very fragile if you see. There are chances of wear & tear with the other garments in the same bag. There is nothing worse than a piece of lace getting stuck in one of your buttons down shirts!

Laundry Bag

When drying, leave lace undergarments out to dry. What you can do here is – either lay them flat on a surface and let them dry or hang them. BUT, DO NOT put them in the machine dryer. The see-through underwear is not meant to be thrown in the washing machine dryer because they lose elasticity and the softness because of the constant tumbling.

If you want to take extra care of your lace underwear, you can also hand-wash. With a mild detergent and water mixed properly in a tub, you just have to gently rub the fabric and run under the water for the same.


How do you wash your fashion underwear styles? Do let us know in the comments below.


The Etiquette of Summer Office Fashion

With the summers already on show, it’s time to rev-up the office fashion. You can ask me here, why only office fashion? The answer is we stay connected to our desks five days (sometimes six) a weekend. So, where do we get the time to dress up good because, weekends is all about late night movies, late wake-ups, eat, Game of Thrones and then sleep? So, the only place to flaunt our fashion is the office. However, some corporates have dress codes. No worries! This blog is all about tips that can add some hotness to your personality. Read on to find out.

  • Smart Shirts

  • The shirts have to be formals, no doubt in that but, how can you turn them into a hot attire? Below tips can help.
    • Ensure to a give a crisp iron to your shirt(especially the collars ). This presents a neat look.
  • Iron Your Shirt Well
    • Roll up your sleeves. This accentuates your body and presents a sexy look.
  • Roll up your sleeves
    • Opt for the right fit as the baggy ones can make you look older.
  • Right Fit
    • Grab an accessory like a branded watch on the empty space of the sleeves.


  • Rocking bottoms

    The formal trousers can be updated to cool chinos as it keeps the wearer comfortable down there. The attire is applicable for all the seasons. Therefore, you can opt for cotton- and linen-blends that stay soft on the skin. Go for lighter colors like beige, white, navy and gray as they can present formal cum casual look.

Rocking Bottoms

  • Casual boots

    When it comes to footwear, men have a good number of options. Right from the suede derbies to oxfords we have a plenty in the boat. So, what matters here is, that your feet should be able to breathe well in order to avoid situations like infections on the feet (due to sweat). Usually, I opt for loafers, as they provide enough space around the toes to keep them comfortable plus, they come under the business casuals category.

Casual Boots

  • Keep an eye on the underwear style

    This is important because tight briefs do not allow enough air circulation to the assets which can make you feel uncomfortable. Well, I understand that switching to another men’s underwear style other than the briefs can be difficult. No worries, in such cases you can opt for the sheer underwear for men which is available in tighty-whities as well. This fabric allows a heavenly breath to the assets keeping you fresh and cool all day long.

Man at Work

  • Grooming is important

    Groom yourself with cool hairstyles and beard styles. This can complete the look you are trying to deliver.


Above were some of the tips for the summer office fashion. Hope you guys find it useful. If you feel that something has been missed then, please leave your comments on the section below.

5 Things Women Don’t like in Men


Being a man myself, I have studied women’s likes, dislikes, and even behavior. You might say that knowing a woman properly is an impossible job but knowing what she likes in you (or me) is not that difficult. We did a survey a with over 50 women from different age groups, religions, single/married and more and gave them few questions to answer. It was quite revealing how much women notice men and what they don’t like about them at all.

Taking those characteristic traits and habits that irritate women a lot, we’ve laid down in this blog for men to consider.

Consider beauty rather than brains: The very first aspect that scored the hustle-bustle is that men opt for girls who are beautiful and do not consider the brainy ones. According to them, women are not intelligent and hence, have no other way to please others than looking good. Well, there are exceptions always there and men who love brains more than the beauty aspect.

Are rude most of the times: We’ll take a survey with men soon enough but for now, women don’t like men being rude in the public. Have you seen the kind of guy who’d call the waiter by some loud sign and talk to him as if he’s his personal servant? Those are the guys who come on a date and talk about everything showing off and boasting their capabilities rather than spending time with each other.

Who are never wrong: One of the women was so upset that she wrote an entire paragraph of how her boyfriend was. She explained that whatever be the situation, he would somehow make sure that what he is saying is correct and she is wrong. At the end of the day, she had no patience to do the same thing every single day and finally called it quit. Women like men who debate with them and also accept if they are wrong but the ones who’ll still keep their mindset up are not acceptable.

Who don’t dress well: Men are lazy we all are aware of that but some can be extremely casual about going on a date with their partner in shorts and t-shirt. A date is an occasion where a dress code is required whether it is somewhere out or at home. Showing up in boxers in the bedroom turns off females. When they work hard to wear lacy lingerie to please you, it is your lack of hard work that they don’t like. Sporting anything from men’s jockstrap underwear made out of lace to sheer bikini underwear would make her feel happy.

Wanting to skip foreplay: This might be the last of them all but surely matters a lot to the females. Men often want to get done and over with the whole lovemaking act. In that due course, they forget that women take the time to reach that point of exhilaration. However, they want to get over with it as soon as possible. This turns off women easily.

Have you been doing something that your partner doesn’t like? Do check!