9 Keys to Being Charismatic

Have you ever heard of styling sessions or workshops that take place around you? What do they teach? The workshops teach you simple hacks and tips that can enhance your way of dressing. If you are also fascinated by them but unable to attend the classes due to any reason then, this blog can help you. Read on to find out more about the keys to being fashionable.

  • Full sleeves are outdated:

    Rolling up those shirt sleeves can deliver a relaxed look. It can add a pinch of extra hotness to your personality. Give a try, you’ll never regret about trying this quick hack.

Man in Rolled Up Sleeves

  • Accessorize your outfits:

    Do you notice an empty space after rolling up your sleeves? A complementing accessory like a watch on that space can add to the extra appeal.

Man Accessorize your outfits

  • Keep an eye on the fit:

    A baggy apparel can spoil the overall personality. Opt for a well-tailored fit that flatters your body.

  • Always Wear Perfect Fit ClothesGet a good hair cut:

    The hair is the first thing that comes to light when it comes to grooming. Have a good haircut that suits your face cut or personality. If you tend to have a longer hair, go for funky hair buns that give a cooler appeal.


  • Trim your beard:

    A good beard style makes you look more handsome. There are many trends that you could try. If you are confused about the style, then you could also consult a salon expert so that they can give you a new look that can enhance your personality.


  • Smell good:

    This is the easiest hack that you could try.. Perfumes have the ability to turn all the heads towards you when you walk across them. Spray reinvent your fashion quotientsome scent (but not too much) on your shoulders and near your neck before leaving the home.


  • Grab the coolers:

    Shades not only complete your attire but also protects your eyes from that harmful effects of UV rays. Wear a good shade that can protect your eyes and stylize your outfit as well. Opt for shades or reflectors that can suit your complexion.

Man In Shades

  • Concentrate on your underwear:

    A breathable undergarment has the tendency to make you brighter than the usual. Opt for styles like men’s g-strings. The skimpy structure of the garment allows a heavenly breath to the assets. This men’s underwear has an additional benefit of increasing the temperature of your room at special occasions.


  • Maintain a good physique:

    A good physique delivers an impressive personality. It can be difficult especially when you are engaged in a strict corporate job when you hardly get time for gymming or workouts. In such cases, you can try simple exercises like crunches or push-ups whenever you get time. Even 20 minutes a day will do. Once you start noticing the difference, you would be determined to do more. Remember a small step always makes a big difference.


Above are some of the tips that you could try to reinvent your fashion quotient. Give a try and do let us know what you feel about them in the comments section below.