Push your manhood forward with Agacio Boxer Trunk

When it comes to enhancing underwear for men, Agacio Underwear has always been the one name that makes you feel secure on that end. The men’s underwear styles in the respective category by the label range from the basic brief underwear to the sexiest male thongs. However, what this blog talks about is the Agacio Boxer Trunk which certainly is one of the most styles to men.

Agacio Boxer Trunk Underwear

The Agacio Boxer Trunk is a smooth, masculine and supportive fashion underwear that stretches out till the mid thighs providing a defined fit on the legs. With mesh inserts on both the front sides, you get to have a breathable affair that lets your manhood feel comfortable in the skin-fit pair. On the whole, it is the pouch that streamlines outside and looks as if it has been pushed away from the legs to live its own life. Thus, providing you the visibility in the pants.

Agacio Boxer Trunk Underwear

Made of 88.27% nylon and 11.73% spandex, you get just the right amount of stretch to move around as well as be yourself. The color combinations are worth your sight. Find them at be-brief.com.


4 underwear rules to break right away

We know that there’s an underwear day specifically meant to be celebrated as the awareness, but don’t you think every day is a day celebrated for underwear for men? Because awareness is something that is constant and should be celebrated every day. On the other hand, are you someone who break the rules?? If you are, then you are the right place doing the right job.

Men in underwear

There are rules about your male underwear that need to be broken right away. But, you need to have knowledge about those rules before you even break them. Or, you might have broken them but you aren’t aware of the same.

Find those rules below and don’t feel sorry for breaking them.

  • Nothing except cotton

    This is one myth that men (and women) worldwide are holding up till date that there’s no better fabric than cotton. There is no doubt that cotton is the most loved fabric of all times but then the industry is coming up with so many other fabrics that certainly have their own benefits. Fabrics like nylon, polyester, polyamide, rayon, and others have stepped in and made a mark that they can be very useful as well.

  • Briefs are the only saviors

    For the conventional personalities, men’s briefs are the best option while there are more than 7 different fashion underwear styles available in the industry. You can definitely find out the reasons why briefs are most loved by men here, but break the rule of sticking to only the conventional style and move towards making things sexy with thong underwear, lace jocks, sheer underwear and more. They are worth the investment as well.

  • Thongs need a particular time

    While you say that thongs or g-string underwear are meant for a particular kind of times and occasions, but little did you know that the sexy underwear has a wide spectrum of variants that are meant for different times. From the sleepwear, regular day at work to the romantic dates and also for swimming purposes, the style has got you covered. But, when you aren’t well, abstain from breaking this rule or else you’ll invite bacterial infection.

  • Lace is limited for women

    Slipping into lace never did wrong to anyone. Did it? It has been a luxury for women for so long and what went wrong when the men’s fashion industry got hold of the same? Lace underwear for men has been around for a while and it has been providing the wearers with the alluring feeling below the belt.

Do you any other rules that can be broken for the good of the intimate health? Do let us know in the comments below.

I love Sexy Underwear- why you should too?


I recently fell in love with sexy underwear (oh yes- RECENTLY) because I never thought of trying something apart from my conventional men’s underwear styles.

Thank God I at least made an effort to try out something different like thongs and you too must try them on to find out what makes them super sexy. I have seen a lot of men in thongs (thanks to my blogging work) and trust me I had never thought that in order to write my personal experience for you guys.

Now, why would you try something so skimpy like thongs or even g-strings is what approach you have towards the style. I will share my experience and you can share yours (once you try them) in the comments below.

  • I fell in love with myself :

    Regardless of the fact that the back was constantly troubling on the first day, the second day made me fall in love with myself. Well, you might look forward to your partner when it comes giving you pleasure but when you have the opportunity to do the same without anyone else, why wouldn’t you try them? I wore them and stood in front of the mirror to find myself looking and feeling insanely sexy.

  • The source of confidence and empowerment:

    We all know how the society behaves and body shames men who take a stand for their choices. However, my personal feeling of having something so constrictive below the belt was more like a source of empowerment. It made me feel so positive about my own body that my day went through like a piece of cheesecake. I had a positive outlook towards others which made me go through the day without much of a hassle. However, you can’t be very sure about the day going smooth because there’ll be situations where you’ll lose your calm and thongs won’t be too helpful (apart from keeping you cool down there).

  • It was more supportive than I thought:

    There’s no rocket science in understanding that the male anatomy (and women’s frontal) is a heavy piece of flesh with no bones. Hence, it needs a constant support that can keep it visible and shaped. That’s why men opt for bikini underwear or even the conventional briefs. When I first took a look at the thong, the very first thing ran across my head was- how is this skimpy piece going to keep my junk in one place? Well, they did! And, they keep your shaft in one place.


This was my experience with the sexy underwear! Hope you like them too. Waiting for your comments down below.

This blog will make your look amazing: Read or miss out!

Do you love to be noticed by others? Well, the obvious answer to this would be a ‘yes’. The next question to it would be- how do you dress to be noticed by others? Is it classy or trendy? Some of you might just say trendy because you are updated with the trends and others might not say anything. Why? Probably because classy is a term that a lot of men don’t figure out so easily.

Men's Fashion

However, if you are someone who really wants to look amazing, there are a few aspects that you must take a look at and consider.

What are they?  Find them below.


The very first and the foremost aspect to be considered is the quality of everything that you pick up and slip into. Whether it is your outfits like jacket, shirts, trousers, or your accessories, everything counts when quality comes into the picture. Quality of your apparel or clothing article is everything.


Next in queue is the comfort that your apparel styles provide. The fabric and the fit is what calls for comfort. You might find cotton the most comfortable while for some satin is the best. There are lots of men’s fashion brands that redefine the preconceived notion that men would only go for what is comfortable, and it is very true. A must have aspect that you must look into.


There are men who prioritize designs on the top of the list, but the above aspects are mandatory in whatever you wear. Designs on the other hand come complementary with shirts, t-shirts or any commodity that comes from the well known name with a good reputation.


Clothes were introduced for a certain function and hence, it is one of the important aspects that every man should consider. It is well said that, “if it is not functional, it is for sheer pleasure”. When we talk about function, it is the number of pockets in your denim jeans or the functional fly in men’s brief underwear and more.


Last but surely not least of them all is the fit of any clothing piece. From the inner most to the top most, everything you wear should not drool off your body or stick to your body so tight that you can’t breathe. Keep it subtle and form fitted on your physique for the right approach.

With these aspects in mind, you can easily mater the art of looking amazing down there.

5 Things Women Don’t like in Men


Being a man myself, I have studied women’s likes, dislikes, and even behavior. You might say that knowing a woman properly is an impossible job but knowing what she likes in you (or me) is not that difficult. We did a survey a with over 50 women from different age groups, religions, single/married and more and gave them few questions to answer. It was quite revealing how much women notice men and what they don’t like about them at all.

Taking those characteristic traits and habits that irritate women a lot, we’ve laid down in this blog for men to consider.

Consider beauty rather than brains: The very first aspect that scored the hustle-bustle is that men opt for girls who are beautiful and do not consider the brainy ones. According to them, women are not intelligent and hence, have no other way to please others than looking good. Well, there are exceptions always there and men who love brains more than the beauty aspect.

Are rude most of the times: We’ll take a survey with men soon enough but for now, women don’t like men being rude in the public. Have you seen the kind of guy who’d call the waiter by some loud sign and talk to him as if he’s his personal servant? Those are the guys who come on a date and talk about everything showing off and boasting their capabilities rather than spending time with each other.

Who are never wrong: One of the women was so upset that she wrote an entire paragraph of how her boyfriend was. She explained that whatever be the situation, he would somehow make sure that what he is saying is correct and she is wrong. At the end of the day, she had no patience to do the same thing every single day and finally called it quit. Women like men who debate with them and also accept if they are wrong but the ones who’ll still keep their mindset up are not acceptable.

Who don’t dress well: Men are lazy we all are aware of that but some can be extremely casual about going on a date with their partner in shorts and t-shirt. A date is an occasion where a dress code is required whether it is somewhere out or at home. Showing up in boxers in the bedroom turns off females. When they work hard to wear lacy lingerie to please you, it is your lack of hard work that they don’t like. Sporting anything from men’s jockstrap underwear made out of lace to sheer bikini underwear would make her feel happy.

Wanting to skip foreplay: This might be the last of them all but surely matters a lot to the females. Men often want to get done and over with the whole lovemaking act. In that due course, they forget that women take the time to reach that point of exhilaration. However, they want to get over with it as soon as possible. This turns off women easily.

Have you been doing something that your partner doesn’t like? Do check!