Transform your look with Miami Jock Cock Ring

Who doesn’t want to transform their look and opt for a makeover in order to look different? What do you do when you are looking for a transformation below the belt? Do you change the men’s underwear style you wear or you clean the forest for a change? The latter sounds more like a necessity rather than just an option while the former one can actually do what you are looking forward to. Miami Jock Underwear is what gives you ample opportunities to set things right down there.

Miami Jock Cock to Heaven

The Miami Jock Cock to Heaven is men’s cock ring that looks more like a g-string underwear that features no fabric but just strings. Coming to the design, you’d find a pair that features a small panel of fabric that holds the strings in one place. The strings make up the waistband, back string and also a group of them forming to be the cock rings holding the shaft upright facing the heaven. The low waist fit and the barely-there design is what you slip into when you decide to have this. There’s no doubt about the erotic underwear being the tantalizing one because the brand has that kind of image. With 86% polyester and 14% spandex, you don’t have to worry about the stretch and moisture wicking features.

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