4 underwear rules to break right away

We know that there’s an underwear day specifically meant to be celebrated as the awareness, but don’t you think every day is a day celebrated for underwear for men? Because awareness is something that is constant and should be celebrated every day. On the other hand, are you someone who break the rules?? If you are, then you are the right place doing the right job.

Men in underwear

There are rules about your male underwear that need to be broken right away. But, you need to have knowledge about those rules before you even break them. Or, you might have broken them but you aren’t aware of the same.

Find those rules below and don’t feel sorry for breaking them.

  • Nothing except cotton

    This is one myth that men (and women) worldwide are holding up till date that there’s no better fabric than cotton. There is no doubt that cotton is the most loved fabric of all times but then the industry is coming up with so many other fabrics that certainly have their own benefits. Fabrics like nylon, polyester, polyamide, rayon, and others have stepped in and made a mark that they can be very useful as well.

  • Briefs are the only saviors

    For the conventional personalities, men’s briefs are the best option while there are more than 7 different fashion underwear styles available in the industry. You can definitely find out the reasons why briefs are most loved by men here, but break the rule of sticking to only the conventional style and move towards making things sexy with thong underwear, lace jocks, sheer underwear and more. They are worth the investment as well.

  • Thongs need a particular time

    While you say that thongs or g-string underwear are meant for a particular kind of times and occasions, but little did you know that the sexy underwear has a wide spectrum of variants that are meant for different times. From the sleepwear, regular day at work to the romantic dates and also for swimming purposes, the style has got you covered. But, when you aren’t well, abstain from breaking this rule or else you’ll invite bacterial infection.

  • Lace is limited for women

    Slipping into lace never did wrong to anyone. Did it? It has been a luxury for women for so long and what went wrong when the men’s fashion industry got hold of the same? Lace underwear for men has been around for a while and it has been providing the wearers with the alluring feeling below the belt.

Do you any other rules that can be broken for the good of the intimate health? Do let us know in the comments below.


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