7 secrets to Stylishly Standout

It is not just the dressing of a man that stands him out, his mannerism sets him apart from the rest. Some men try too hard to stand out in public. Have you ever come across a man who tries to speak loudly and crack more jokes than he needs to? Well, those people are not making a statement rather shouting for attention. You don’t have to fake yourself in order to prove a point. There are better ways of leaving a lasting impression.

Listed below are some incredibly simple ways of standing out in a gathering in style. Have a look.

  • Self-confidence is the key:

    Your confidence speaks about your overall personality. A person who is confident will automatically turn every head around. This doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to be the person who are not. The key to having a confident personality is self-acceptance. Accept yourself for the kind of person you are. Admit your negativity instead of hiding them. When you know yourself and accept the same, you’ll be able to feel good about yourself and stay confident.

Confident Man

  • Good manners:

    A person who is easy going will grab your attention in the first look. However, a person who’s a real gentleman will leave a lasting impression on your mind. So, the person who can appreciated by all. The basic chivalry and traits of a gentleman is always a turn on. Regardless of where you’re and whom you’re with, conduct yourself properly and follow the basic etiquette. You will be able to stand out effortlessly.

Real Gentleman

  • Communication skills:

    The way you speak is the very thing that is observed. So, work on your communication skill. It sounds simple, but is a tricky affair. A very casual attitude while speaking gives a bad impression. At the same time, people may raise eyebrows if you are too cautious while speaking. Do not use obscene language. It may appear cool, but is not an accepted in the sophisticated set up. Along with communication skills, the things you speak is equally important. Be aware of what you’re speaking. Having a viewpoint is very point, but presenting in a way that it do not offend anyone is equally important.

Public Speaking

  • Body language:

    It is not just a thing observed by psychologist. Even a layman observes your body language these days. A very conscious or a very easy-going body posture is not acceptable. You will be able to control it once you have the self-confidence of doing it. So, everything is interrelated. The sweaty hands and shaking legs are a result of low self-esteem. Control your body language and you’ll be able to boost your personality.

Man Giving Presentation

  • Dressing sense:

    Dress sense has undoubtedly became a judging criteria. Make sure that you dress according to the occasion. Elegance and sophistication is the key to get the much desired attention. Keep it simple and dress elegantly. The sagging jeans and funky tees as well as accessories is not in trend any more. Strike the right color combination and choose the right attire.

Dress Sense

  • The way you carry yourself:

    Just the dressing is not enough, the way you carry your style is equally important. Accessorize the attire properly and it’ll effortlessly add a flair of style to the simplest attire. Right from the tie and cufflinks to the belt and men’s underwear, everything matters. It may sound weird, but the style of undergarment can make or break your look. Try something like cock ring underwear if you haven’t tried it yet. The enhancement in the visibility of the front profile will take your style and confidence to the next level. Make sure that the ensemble is complimenting your attire as well as your personality.

Stylish Man

  • Sense of humor:

    Sense of humor is definitely a turn on. However, the jokes you crack should be intended in good spirit. Do not go over the board in order to make someone laugh. Having said that, it is important to note that this is one factor that comes naturally to a person. Do not push yourself if you don’t have a sense of humor.

Man Woman Work Office Couple

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