The Perfect way to Don the Denims

Denims are one of the simplest forms of fashion which is loved by all. You can pair it with any formal or casual shirt. Many of us have a habit to keep them at the center of the wardrobe as they are a  smart and a sensible choice. They deliver a rugged look when styled perfectly but, how to style them is the question here. Well, if you are not aware then this attire can be fashioned in multiple ways while keeping some hacks handy. Read on to find more about the fashion.

  • Ways to Style Them

  • Jeans and a T-Shirt:

    Pull off the classic look by pairing a plain colored t-shirt with the jeans. An important point to note down here is to avoid graphic tees. They look good on you only if you are a high school boy. It’s a complete no-no for well-grown man as they look kiddish. Instead, opt for plain t-shirts or Polo’s that define your personality. Go for good colors as well.

Men In Classic Look

  • Jeans and a Work Shirt:

    You can also pair the work shirts with the denim.  The hack to look casual here is to turn down the top two buttons and roll up your sleeves. Additionally, you can also leave the shirt untucked for the rugged look.

Men In Casual Look

  • Jeans and a Dress Shirt:

    To grab the classic look, you can also go for a dress shirt with a pair of quality blue jeans. Colors like plain white, light gray, or light blue looks great on the dark bottoms. However,  make sure that you tuck in the shirt and don a nice belt may be with a decorative buckle. Make it look a little more relaxed by unbuttoning and rolling the cuffs.

Men In Stylish Jeans

  • Other Considerations

  • Opt for jackets:

    Denim looks cool with a sports jacket, hoodie or light blazers. Get a good fit in the jackets to make them work well. Don’t go for splashy colors, instead go for darker colors. Whites can be an exception as they deliver a classic look.

Men In Stylish Jacket

  • Prefer a branded jeans:

    A branded jeans are always going to deliver the best quality. All of us expect the attire to be sag-free with a perfect hit. These qualities can only be experienced in a pair of branded jeans while the normal ones fail to do so.

  • Underwear is also necessary:

    Prefer a proper underwear that can provide the perfect bulge under the pants. Men’s jockstraps can be a good companion in such cases. Some of them also come with enhancing features to present an impressive front profile to look outstanding. The rear part of this men’s underwear is skimpy which can avoid underwear lines in case of skinny jeans. Other than that the low rise construction can avoid embarrassments due to popping waistbands.

Daddy Jockstrap Underwear

Above are the tweaks of delivering a sexy look with the respective attire. Hope you find them useful.


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