The only Underwear style you need to know now – Transparent

Man in Underwear

Transparent. Like really transparent?? How can a pair of men’s underwear be transparent? I know there’ll be so many questions going in your head with the certain style or fabric? You don’t even know what exactly it is!

Well, to make your life easy and give you something to ponder on, transparent underwear is your new best friend for so many reasons.

Why do we call it is the only apparel style you need to know about? You’ll figure that out below.

  • What is transparent underwear?

    Men’s transparent underwear is a fabric underwear that lets you see-through what’s inside. Going by the literal meaning of the word transparent, the wearer would be able to show off what he carries inside depending on how transparent the fabric is.

    Now, why should you invest in the styles with the respective fabric?? Have a look below.

  • Because it is the new thing

    Don’t you get tempted to actually hold the see-through fabric and wondering how would your manhood look the same? That’s exactly what I thought when I was introduced to the respective style. The beauty of new things is that you have the urge to try them on and feel it. This surely calls for the occasion.

  • Because there’s no harm in showing off

    We aren’t saying that you flaunt your masculinity anywhere and everywhere. In fact, we aren’t promoting showing off at all. All we’re saying that revealing what you have below can actually make things sizzle when you strip down while with your partner. Wouldn’t be amazing to see how your partner reacts to something so innovative?

  • Because it lets you breathe

    Whether you choose a pair of men’s brief underwear or the mens thongs, the fabric style would be able to let you feel extremely comfortable with the breathable openings, cut-outs, and other features. If your manhood will breathe free and breeze into summer, you will be able to focus on the other things rather than the sweaty balls inside making it difficult for you to understand.

  • Because it even supports

    What if your designer underwear holds a combination of both fashionable properties and functional ones? Wouldn’t you be delighted to have something like that? Transparent apparel is made by brands that are crafted to serve both the purposes. Hence, find out those brands at the online store and indulge in self-love.

  • Because you deserve it

    Like we mentioned that it is the new thing and you desire to have it, it is also deserved by you. You make the deserving candidate because of so many reasons. Some of them include – you work really hard, you put your family before you and need to focus on yourself too, and so much more.

Take a look at the collection and find your perfect pair.


7 secrets to Stylishly Standout

It is not just the dressing of a man that stands him out, his mannerism sets him apart from the rest. Some men try too hard to stand out in public. Have you ever come across a man who tries to speak loudly and crack more jokes than he needs to? Well, those people are not making a statement rather shouting for attention. You don’t have to fake yourself in order to prove a point. There are better ways of leaving a lasting impression.

Listed below are some incredibly simple ways of standing out in a gathering in style. Have a look.

  • Self-confidence is the key:

    Your confidence speaks about your overall personality. A person who is confident will automatically turn every head around. This doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to be the person who are not. The key to having a confident personality is self-acceptance. Accept yourself for the kind of person you are. Admit your negativity instead of hiding them. When you know yourself and accept the same, you’ll be able to feel good about yourself and stay confident.

Confident Man

  • Good manners:

    A person who is easy going will grab your attention in the first look. However, a person who’s a real gentleman will leave a lasting impression on your mind. So, the person who can appreciated by all. The basic chivalry and traits of a gentleman is always a turn on. Regardless of where you’re and whom you’re with, conduct yourself properly and follow the basic etiquette. You will be able to stand out effortlessly.

Real Gentleman

  • Communication skills:

    The way you speak is the very thing that is observed. So, work on your communication skill. It sounds simple, but is a tricky affair. A very casual attitude while speaking gives a bad impression. At the same time, people may raise eyebrows if you are too cautious while speaking. Do not use obscene language. It may appear cool, but is not an accepted in the sophisticated set up. Along with communication skills, the things you speak is equally important. Be aware of what you’re speaking. Having a viewpoint is very point, but presenting in a way that it do not offend anyone is equally important.

Public Speaking

  • Body language:

    It is not just a thing observed by psychologist. Even a layman observes your body language these days. A very conscious or a very easy-going body posture is not acceptable. You will be able to control it once you have the self-confidence of doing it. So, everything is interrelated. The sweaty hands and shaking legs are a result of low self-esteem. Control your body language and you’ll be able to boost your personality.

Man Giving Presentation

  • Dressing sense:

    Dress sense has undoubtedly became a judging criteria. Make sure that you dress according to the occasion. Elegance and sophistication is the key to get the much desired attention. Keep it simple and dress elegantly. The sagging jeans and funky tees as well as accessories is not in trend any more. Strike the right color combination and choose the right attire.

Dress Sense

  • The way you carry yourself:

    Just the dressing is not enough, the way you carry your style is equally important. Accessorize the attire properly and it’ll effortlessly add a flair of style to the simplest attire. Right from the tie and cufflinks to the belt and men’s underwear, everything matters. It may sound weird, but the style of undergarment can make or break your look. Try something like cock ring underwear if you haven’t tried it yet. The enhancement in the visibility of the front profile will take your style and confidence to the next level. Make sure that the ensemble is complimenting your attire as well as your personality.

Stylish Man

  • Sense of humor:

    Sense of humor is definitely a turn on. However, the jokes you crack should be intended in good spirit. Do not go over the board in order to make someone laugh. Having said that, it is important to note that this is one factor that comes naturally to a person. Do not push yourself if you don’t have a sense of humor.

Man Woman Work Office Couple

Were these points helpful? Drop us a comment in the section below.

9 Keys to Being Charismatic

Have you ever heard of styling sessions or workshops that take place around you? What do they teach? The workshops teach you simple hacks and tips that can enhance your way of dressing. If you are also fascinated by them but unable to attend the classes due to any reason then, this blog can help you. Read on to find out more about the keys to being fashionable.

  • Full sleeves are outdated:

    Rolling up those shirt sleeves can deliver a relaxed look. It can add a pinch of extra hotness to your personality. Give a try, you’ll never regret about trying this quick hack.

Man in Rolled Up Sleeves

  • Accessorize your outfits:

    Do you notice an empty space after rolling up your sleeves? A complementing accessory like a watch on that space can add to the extra appeal.

Man Accessorize your outfits

  • Keep an eye on the fit:

    A baggy apparel can spoil the overall personality. Opt for a well-tailored fit that flatters your body.

  • Always Wear Perfect Fit ClothesGet a good hair cut:

    The hair is the first thing that comes to light when it comes to grooming. Have a good haircut that suits your face cut or personality. If you tend to have a longer hair, go for funky hair buns that give a cooler appeal.


  • Trim your beard:

    A good beard style makes you look more handsome. There are many trends that you could try. If you are confused about the style, then you could also consult a salon expert so that they can give you a new look that can enhance your personality.


  • Smell good:

    This is the easiest hack that you could try.. Perfumes have the ability to turn all the heads towards you when you walk across them. Spray reinvent your fashion quotientsome scent (but not too much) on your shoulders and near your neck before leaving the home.


  • Grab the coolers:

    Shades not only complete your attire but also protects your eyes from that harmful effects of UV rays. Wear a good shade that can protect your eyes and stylize your outfit as well. Opt for shades or reflectors that can suit your complexion.

Man In Shades

  • Concentrate on your underwear:

    A breathable undergarment has the tendency to make you brighter than the usual. Opt for styles like men’s g-strings. The skimpy structure of the garment allows a heavenly breath to the assets. This men’s underwear has an additional benefit of increasing the temperature of your room at special occasions.


  • Maintain a good physique:

    A good physique delivers an impressive personality. It can be difficult especially when you are engaged in a strict corporate job when you hardly get time for gymming or workouts. In such cases, you can try simple exercises like crunches or push-ups whenever you get time. Even 20 minutes a day will do. Once you start noticing the difference, you would be determined to do more. Remember a small step always makes a big difference.


Above are some of the tips that you could try to reinvent your fashion quotient. Give a try and do let us know what you feel about them in the comments section below.

The Perfect way to Don the Denims

Denims are one of the simplest forms of fashion which is loved by all. You can pair it with any formal or casual shirt. Many of us have a habit to keep them at the center of the wardrobe as they are a  smart and a sensible choice. They deliver a rugged look when styled perfectly but, how to style them is the question here. Well, if you are not aware then this attire can be fashioned in multiple ways while keeping some hacks handy. Read on to find more about the fashion.

  • Ways to Style Them

  • Jeans and a T-Shirt:

    Pull off the classic look by pairing a plain colored t-shirt with the jeans. An important point to note down here is to avoid graphic tees. They look good on you only if you are a high school boy. It’s a complete no-no for well-grown man as they look kiddish. Instead, opt for plain t-shirts or Polo’s that define your personality. Go for good colors as well.

Men In Classic Look

  • Jeans and a Work Shirt:

    You can also pair the work shirts with the denim.  The hack to look casual here is to turn down the top two buttons and roll up your sleeves. Additionally, you can also leave the shirt untucked for the rugged look.

Men In Casual Look

  • Jeans and a Dress Shirt:

    To grab the classic look, you can also go for a dress shirt with a pair of quality blue jeans. Colors like plain white, light gray, or light blue looks great on the dark bottoms. However,  make sure that you tuck in the shirt and don a nice belt may be with a decorative buckle. Make it look a little more relaxed by unbuttoning and rolling the cuffs.

Men In Stylish Jeans

  • Other Considerations

  • Opt for jackets:

    Denim looks cool with a sports jacket, hoodie or light blazers. Get a good fit in the jackets to make them work well. Don’t go for splashy colors, instead go for darker colors. Whites can be an exception as they deliver a classic look.

Men In Stylish Jacket

  • Prefer a branded jeans:

    A branded jeans are always going to deliver the best quality. All of us expect the attire to be sag-free with a perfect hit. These qualities can only be experienced in a pair of branded jeans while the normal ones fail to do so.

  • Underwear is also necessary:

    Prefer a proper underwear that can provide the perfect bulge under the pants. Men’s jockstraps can be a good companion in such cases. Some of them also come with enhancing features to present an impressive front profile to look outstanding. The rear part of this men’s underwear is skimpy which can avoid underwear lines in case of skinny jeans. Other than that the low rise construction can avoid embarrassments due to popping waistbands.

Daddy Jockstrap Underwear

Above are the tweaks of delivering a sexy look with the respective attire. Hope you find them useful.