What’s the Purpose of Pouch in Men’s Underwear?

Men's Underwear

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? Probably not because the pouch your men’s underwear has always been the feature that carries your assets and supports them.


That’s one of the reasons for the feature to be there in your thong underwear as well as boxer brief underwear. However, there are numerous other reasons for which the pouch underwear is important for every man.

Men's Underwear

If it is visible to you, you’d find that the @Lewis Frank has mentioned that lift is one of the reasons for which pouch in the apparel styles is beneficial. Another benefit he mentions is the coverage from all kinds of infection types like bacterial or fungal.

The next person comments that pouch is used to SHAPE the manhood with the help of the contouring pouches. Do you agree with the same? Well, the Good Devil Exciting Jockstrap is one of the examples to make you understand better.

Men's Underwear

You see, Quora is a great place to put across your questions and find the relevant answers.

The image above has the first comment that says the pouch is needed for convenience, security, defense and for much more reasons.

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