5 Things To Differentiate Between Original And Fake Apparel

5 Things To Differentiate Between Original And Fake Apparel

Have you ever realized that what you bought from the Basket Sale or the End Of Season Sale was fake? Well, you’re not the only one my friend who has gone through the pain of buying something that you thought was original but it wasn’t. It is one of the most common problems that buyers face even when they shop from reputed stores whether it is the brick and mortar shops or online sites. However, there are online stores which serve only authentic stuff to its customers.

The bottom line of this problem is- how are we supposed to understand whether the piece is branded or bluff just to make easy money?

Well, there are 5 things or should I call them aspects, by which you can differentiate between the original or the branded and the fake apparel.

Fabric: The very first thing that would decipher whether the apparel you’re planning to buy is original or not is the fabric. Whether it is your branded shirt or your men’s underwear, the fabric composition of the article would decipher it for you. If you are not much of a fabric person, you’d be able to decide if you will feel okay with the fabric or not once you touch the pair. You always have someone who would be able to assist you if you face trouble looking for the right fabric that’ll make you feel comfortable on your body. On the other hand, if you have already bought the piece, you’d out the status once you wash it.

Trademark: You obviously would have seen numerous brands and are aware of the fact that every brand has its own unique trademark printed, stitched or embroidered on their offerings. This trademark makes their offerings original and authentic. You must also know that the fake apparel brand cannot copy the exact image. Though they can imitate the logo or the design, but surely cannot imitate the trademark code. It is sometimes in a bar code format that cannot be copied. Some brands also have a trademark of how they place their trademark sign. Whether they stick it on the clothing articles or stitch it on or even print it. Mostly in underclothing articles have it under the waistband whereas; the outfits have it on the inside.

Design: Now how can design, you might ask? If you take a closer look, you’ll find that all the popular brands generally have a subtle design that doesn’t speak too loud whereas; the fake ones are all about the design and how much one can show off. Sometimes the branded ones are so sophisticated, that they look dull and boring. However, they are more about comfort, fit, and style rather than the looks and purely looks itself.

Durability: Well, this aspect is more about the after-effects of buying the apparel style but it surely can be fitted here. You’d have a pair of shorts that have been with you for more than 5 years and are still going (keeping aside the holes and stains that you’ve dirtied it with) and you’ll also have a shirt that you bought last month and has already faded. Among the two, which one would you say that is original? Yes! You are absolutely correct! The pair of shorts that are still wearable and are comfortable are the ones which are purely authentic.

Details: If you compare, you’d find that designer clothing generally comes with a nice packaging that is different from the others and way different from the fake ones. Taking an example of a shirt, it would be properly folded, pinned, clean and moreover appealing to eyes. The credible names would always mention the address of the manufacturer/ brands headquarter on the box or bag that contains the clothing article.

With these differences, you’d be able to easily differentiate between the opposites. Do let us know if you have any inputs on the same.


Did you know That Underwear Drawer can Reveal your Personality?

Did you know That Underwear Drawer can Reveal your Personality

Oh yes! We all have that separate compartment in our cupboards often referred to as the men’s underwear drawer or the top drawer. Do you have it? Like men’s personalities, their drawer too has the different types. What are those? They can be classified as Organized, Moderately Messy, and Extremely Messy.

What kind do you have? Did you even know that the state of your apparel drawer can actually tell a lot about you?

We’ll be talking about the three classified underwear drawers in this blog and also about your personality in accordance to your drawer type.

Did you know That Underwear Drawer can Reveal your Personality

Organized: A neat and tidy men’s apparel drawer would have separate compartments for men’s thongs, briefs, boxer briefs and more. On the other hand, you might have them folded in particular patterns- folded, rolled, laid flat or some other way. You would have them segregated the styles according to the occasions like everyday, parties, romantic dates, workout/sports and more. With someone who has a drawer like this, you’ll be a person who likes to be organized in everything you do. No last minute changes, pre-planned strategy and you also like to the perfectionist in everything you do.\

Moderately messy: Just a step lower to the fully organized personality is the moderately messy category. This category is about fashion underwear drawers that might have compartments of the various styles but might not for the variety of occasions. It is also possible that you might find socks, handkerchiefs and other small accessories in the same drawer with . Well, men with such a drawer are the ones that try to take control of their life but are lazy enough to get it all messy again. You know how things will be done but you can even go with the flow.

Did you know That Underwear Drawer can Reveal your Personality

Extremely messy: Well, there’s messy and then there’s extremely top drawers. Talking about the latter one, you might find everything upside down and strangled together. You would have to look for compartments but they’re of no use. Going through the entire lot to find that pair which you just remembered that you have will take not less than an hour is what calls for the extremely messy drawers. You, who has something these sorts are someone who is laid back or ignorant (most of the times), restless, quick decision maker (decide without paying a lot of heed to the actual matter) and more.

Which drawer type talks about you? Do let us know in the comments below.