What a guy’s underwear says about him

A man’s clothes can tell you a lot about his appearance, but what he wears underneath that can be even more revealing. While it’d be easy to list off the traits you can learn about a guy’s underwear, wouldn’t it be more fun to learn visually?

Check out these examples of personality divulging bulges now!

1. Boxer Briefs While boxers were once an old standby, they bunch up under a slim-fitting pant and aren’t as supportive for the gym-going guy.

Pikante Wrath of Olympus Cheeky Boxer Briefs Gray

The solution: Boxer briefs- “they’re the best of both worlds like, you can work out in them, but you won’t look like a preteen when I strip down in front of a girl,” In fact, you’ll find a whole range of dudes wearing these because they’re so perfectly suited to the everyman.

2. Trunks – This style is the David Beckham of undies: athletic, Euro, and ridiculously hot. And, the guy who favors them is equally as edgy.

Daniel Alexander Dynamism boxer Trunk Print

3. Briefs Still many men feel like if it ain’t broke, why fix it? That’s the reason they prefer the tightie-whitie style they’ve worn since they were potty trained. “A man who chooses this boyish cut is practical, but may not be ready to grow up,” says Lauren Deatherage.

Gigo Choco Brief White

4. Boxers The boxer short used to be a favorite among men because it is roomy and more grown-up than the brief. “Pants are now cut slimmer, so boxers don’t fit as well underneath them,” says Deatherage.” The guy who wears these is more of a traditional man’s man who doesn’t buy into a lot of the fashionista hype.

Edipous Eros Short Boxer Black

5. Thongs Thongs as an erotic underwear style focus more on comfort and therefore the sexy apparel makes men feel more seductive. These kind of underwear style act as those styles which need to be put on when the idea is to turn on the other person’s emotions. Every man initiates the first step towards getting intimate; in order to do so, they themselves should feel the drive inside. Wearing thongs make them feel sexy.

Pikante Son of Poseidon Thongs Black

6- G-Strings G string underwear is meant to cover the front, whereas the posterior remains to be open. This is the skimpier version of men’s thong underwear. G strings have a pouch that holds the manhood and gives it a boost. This style is manufactured with ample stretch and it provides a fashionable look to it.

Gigo Microfibre G-string Watter

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Why should you wear men’s Thongs?

A thong is an intimate accessory that has been around for years providing women with sexuality, that goes beyond compare. Not to be left behind, but today there are man thongs available in the stores which provide the same sense of sexiness.Pikante Seduction of Hades Thongs Black

Okay! So let me tell first tell you about thongs :


A thong is fine underwear that has a small sized band which supports the undertow. Also, there are numerous brands and men’s underwear online stores which provide the option for their customers. So they can easily get thongs in lots of colors and patterns. There are some advantages of the thongs :

There are some advantages of the thongs :

1- Comfort

2- Confidence

3- Enhancement

4- Raise your sex appeal

5- Perfect tanning

6- No underwear lines

These weres the advantages of thongs. Are you still thinking something? Okay! So here are some more reasons that why you should start wearing thongs :

1- You will feel incredibly sexy

2- Eye candy for your loved one

3- It will make you feel surprisingly comfortable

4- Great for foreplay

5- Your sex appeal will shoot through the roof

6- Excellent in support

And here are some of the popular brands for thongs –

a). Good Devil

b). Cover Male

c). Candyman

d). Intymen

e). Mensuas

There are many more brands available at online stores for you to select.

People, there was a time when thongs were only made for women, but the time has gone long. Thongs may now be enjoyed by everyone.

So if you are a man and if you would like to experience a whole new level of sexiness, then it’s highly recommended that you get yourself a man thong.